Upstage B4 U Sell - Services & Fees

Home Staging Services

* Staging single rooms or entire houses

* Decor and color consultations

* DIY - Comprehensive staging reports

* Curb appeal recommendations

* Staging to live by redesigning spaces

* Senior Life Transitions

* De-cluttering, organizing and cleaning

* ASP/Market Ready Approval Certification

* Landscaping

* Telephone support during process

* Selling and moving instructions

* Personal shopping

* Accessory rentals

* Painting services and discounts

* Vacant properties

* Others..


Every homeowners situation is unique, so the cost will vary depending on the house size and the amount of staging you require. But in the end staging is free because it pays for itself. No job is too small. We will do “as little or as much as you want”. Call us for more details.

*Upstaging service for the Brantford, Cambridge and Hamilton, Ontario areas.



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