Why Hire A Professional Home Stager?



Can't I watch some staging shows and stage my own house?

The way you live in your home and sell it are very different. Most home owners cannot view their home objectively in order to market it effectively because they are emotionally attached. Having a professional stager look at your home with fresh eyes will transform your home into a product that has a broader appeal on the housing market.

My house doesn't need to be staged because it's a “sellers” market ...

In a “sellers” market every house will sell, but the question is “for how much and how fast?” Statistically, homes that are professionally staged sell faster and for more money in any market. You give your competition an edge and you may be forced to lower your price the longer it stays on the market. If we detail the cars we sell to get a better price, how much more so should we detail our homes.

The value of my house doesn't lend itself to hire a professional stager ...

Unless your home is a handyman special, the investment of a consultation starting at $200* should add thousands to your selling price based on statistics.

* based on sq ft

I'll sell the house once I move ...

Vacant homes have no soul. A very small percentage of buyers can visualize their things in an empty space. There is no frame of reference of size without furniture in the house. Staging helps the buyers mentally move in.

I can take the time and do it myself ...

Marketing your home takes a lot of work and many of us have jobs and family responsibilities. Hiring a professional stager will reduce your stress load and give you the confidence that you have done all you can to sell your most valuable asset.

What are the top mistakes home sellers make?

Top real estate experts agree the first mistake is not staging and the second is overpricing. If a home is priced too high, the wrong people will be looking at your house! Once you reduce, people get the impression that there is something wrong with your house. Stage it and price it right for the best price in the shortest amount of time in any market.

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